Eday 2017



Eday, April 29th 2017 in Oirschot, NL



1  Nachtvogel  Schwarzmond 
2  Satellite  Schwarzmond 
3  Time  The Wave 
4  The Wave  The Wave[
5  The Raven´s Light  Schwarzmond
6  Last Exit Eternity  Cosmophonica
7  Daft Moon  Schwarzmond
8  Earth Two   Cosmoharmonics
9  Edge of Sanity  Cosmoharmonics
10  Apeland  World of Apes 1
11  Sequencer 9  Lunatic Voyage  120
12  Like Angels  Cosmophonica  130



eDay 2017, what a day! Very friendly people, excelent service, great mood, sublime sound. I enjoyed everything.

Thanks to all of You, but especially to Ron Boots for invitation!

some first photos made by my son:

(c) all fotos by A. Stooker (NL)


Thanks a lot!